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In June 2019 Love: a Discovery in Comics was published by NBM Publishing.

In October 2017 I was elected Stripmaker des Vaderlands, which loosely translates to Comic Artist Laureate of the Netherlands - for three years, I'll be the ambassador of Dutch comics, with a special interest in getting them into the classroom.

Global Goals September 2015: I drew a comic about each of the 17 Global Goals of Sustainable Development, to be freely spread around the globe. With downloadable PDF and powerpoint!

Out now:
Religion: a Discovery in Comic
s arrived in stores in October 2015.

April 2015 - I'm starting a webcomic on Tumblr!

September 2013 - Science: a Discovery in Comics is released by NBM Publishing in the United States.

You can read what the book is all about here.

Calendar of Tales March 2013 - I spent some time taking part in Neil Gaiman's online project A Calendar of Tales and had a blast!

Oxford September 2012 - I've added two new pages to the site: one containing a comic about Jo Ader, and the other an elaborate report about the Oxford Experience we had last Summer.

Philosophy, by Margreet de Heer August 2012 - NBM Publishing has published my philosophy book for the U.S. market! Philosophy - a Discovery in Comics is now available from book stores and online shops.

If you want a signed copy, please contact me.
This calls for a Big Wave of Promotion, of course!

The book has its own Facebook page you can like to keep informed about mentions, reviews and blog updates.

I am on Twitter now, delivering random tweets about all kinds of subjects.

I signed up on, where I have an Author Profile - you can check out my other books, see which books I read and join me in discussion groups. At some point, there will be a GiveAway, where you can win a signed copy of the book!

I also have an Amazon Author Page, where I promote my books.

And then there's always my own Facebook page, where you can befriend me and laugh at some of my Dutch status updates (about half of them are in Dutch, half in English).

Blog May 2012 - NBM Publishing has given me a blog!

Check out my regular rantings here.

Morag Joss Summer 2011 - many projects going on, most of them in Dutch though. I am working on an English translation of Filosofie in Beeld to interest foreign publishers.

On holiday, Yiri and I enjoyed a most enlightening week in Christ Church College, Oxford, attending a Summerschool course in Creative Writing by an excellent author, Morag Joss.
Now we can say we once were students at Oxford University!

Religie in Beeld In March 2011, my second book 'Religie in Beeld' appeared. It offers a colorful (thanks to Yiri, who did the coloring again!) overview of the five main religions, as well as a personal account of my own experiences in and out of the church.

Filosofie in Beeld In March 2010, my book 'Filosofie in Beeld' was published. It is enjoying considerable success, both in the comic world and in philosophical circles.

kiss On Friday the 23d of January 2009, Yiri and I got married for the state in a small ceremony, surrounded by family and friends.