The Books

This page gives you an overview of the series of five educational, informational graphic novels I have made so far, on the subjects of PhilosophyReligionScienceWorld Domination and Love.

Several of these titles have already appeared in translation – in the US, South Korea, Brasil and originally in The Netherlands, of course. Each book stands on its own.

Philosophy explains some basic concepts (free will, reality), introduces ten philosophers up to the 17th century and encourages readers to think for themselves.

Philosophy was published first in The Netherlands in 2010. It has also appeared in the US, Brasil and South Korea.

Religion explains the five major world religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism) and contains personal experiences and views of its maker (who studied theology and was born to two Protestant ministers).

Religion was published first in The Netherlands in 2011. It has also appeared in South Korea and the US, where it ended up on the USBBY’s ‘Outstanding International Books’ list for 2016.

Science ambitiously gives an overview of all of the different fields of science, from mathematics to Quantum Theory, and has often been likened to Bill Bryson’s ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ – but with pictures.

Science was first published in The Netherlands in 2012. It has also appeared in the US and South Korea and is used a lot in schools.

World Domination, or: If I ruled the world – how to think about Global Change without becoming depressed is a thought experiment: “What if I ruled the world?”. It covers subjects like economics, politics, money, power and the environment.

World Domination was first published in The Netherlands in 2015. It has also appeared in South Korea.

Love is the most light-hearted book in the series: it offers advice on dating and heartbreak, gives information about romance novels and the history of marriage, and tells the love story of its maker and her 7-year marriage to Yiri.

Love was published in The Netherlands in 2017 and in 2019 in the US.

– Target groups

These books have proven helpful in education for children from about the age of 12, but are also enjoyed by adults. In Holland, they are used in schools both of high school level (12-18 years) and college level (18 and up).

– about the author

Margreet de Heer (1972) grew up in a family of theologians where questions and debate were greatly encouraged. She studied theology herself at the University of Amsterdam where she graduated in 1999. After this, she decided to become a comic artist. She got a job in comic store Lambiek (where she worked on a book about Dutch comics together with Kees Kousemaker) while working on her production and skills as a graphic novelist, and in 2005 she was able to quit her job and become a full-time artist. Her comics range from kids’ comics for childrens’s magazines, to cartoons made on location at business congresses, to newspaper comics. Between 2007 and 2011, she made monthly “comic reports” about philosophical and spiritual subjects, for newspaper Trouw.

These comic reports caught the attention of a publisher, who asked her to draw a comic book on philosophy, which was published as Filosofie in Beeld in The Netherlands and in the U.S. as Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics. The philosophy book was a success, and was followed by a book on religion, Religie in Beeld. Then came science, Wetenschappen in Beeld, which appeared in the US as Science: a Discovery in Comics. In Fall 2015 the book about religion appeared as the third book in the U.S. with the title Religion: a Discovery in Comics. At the same time, the fourth book Wereldheerschappij in Beeld was published in The Netherlands. In February 2017 the fifth book appeared, Liefde in Beeld, published as Love: a Discovery in Comics in the US in 2019.

Margreet is assisted by her husband Yiri T. Kohl, who is also a comic artist. He started out making obscure “underground” comix in the nineties, took a detour painting, making poems and producing clay figurines, to finally rediscover comics when he met Margreet in 2008. He does a lot of his wife’s coloring. Since 2016, he draws the comic ‘Z-Man’ for magazines Stripnieuws and StripGlossy, scripted by Margreet.

Margreet and Yiri got married in 2009 and have been doing projects together ever since, not the least of which is their graphic novel series (they also dabble a bit in theater, and Margreet did a stint as Comic Artist Laureate of the Netherlands 2017-2020). They live and work in Amsterdam with two cats.